Louisiana Maps

Map of Louisiana and Louisiana Parishes

Louisiana is positioned in the Deep South, between Texas and Mississippi, and south of Arkansas. The Gulf of Mexico defines the southern border of the state.

Louisiana stretches 130 miles east-west, and 379 miles north-south. It occupies 51,843 square miles. The highest point is Driskill Mountain, in north Louisiana, at 535 feet above sea level. The population in 2010 was about 4.5 million residents.

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Louisiana Parish Map


Interactive Map of Louisiana (Courtesy of Google Maps)

Map of the Louisiana Acadiana Region

Map showing the 22 parishes of Acadiana
Map of Louisiana showing location of the Acadiana Region

Acadiana is a vast region emcompassing 22 parishes in French Louisiana in the southern part of the state. It stretches from the Gulf of Mexico to about 100 miles inland, and covers about 14,500 acres.

The Acadiana geography consists low gentle hills to the north, prairies, and marshes, swamps and bayous closer to the Gulf coast. Rice, sugar cane, and soybeans are the dominant agricultural crops.

Map of Major Cities and Towns in Louisiana

The historic postcard below shows a map of Louisiana, and the locations of the major cities and towns.

Map of the state of Louisiana showing major cities and towns

Louisiana Topo Maps

AnyPlaceAmerica.com - Free printable Louisiana topographic maps, GPS coordinates, photos, & more for cities, parishes, state parks, and points of interest

Map of Reality TV Shows Filmed in Louisiana

Map of Reality TV Shows Filmed in Louisiana ... Swamp People, Cajun Pawn Stars in Alexandria, Bayou Billionaires near Shreveport

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