Out da' Bayou TV Show on the Discovery Channel

Out da' Bayou on the Discovery Channel (courtesy of Out da' Bayou) Details about Swamp People including map of locations where the filming is done Out da' Bayou on the Discovery Channel (courtesy of Out da' Bayou)

The weekly, 30-minute lifestyle TV show "Out Da’ Bayou" premiered on the Discovery Channel on January 6, 2018. The show's tagline is "Stories with great taste".

New Episodes in 2020

Several new episodes were shown in 2020, including the following:

  • January 18, 2020 - "The Captain" ... Fishing around Venice, Louisiana with Captain Brent Roy
  • January 25, 2020 - "Farming the Blues" ... The crew heads to Alabama to see how the demand for catfish is met
  • February 1, 2020 - "Blue Ridge Rainbows" ... Fly fishing trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains

John Jackson

John Jackson hails from Clinton, Louisiana, in East Feliciana Parish north of Baton Rouge. His initial production experience was with WBRZ television Channel 2 in Baton Rouge from 1990 to 1996. He then started his own production company, and later designed a pilot for his own show about five years ago.

The pilot was successful, and the first four seasons of his show aired on local stations and the Sportsman Channel.

Today, John is the producer, writer, host, and editor of the Out da' Bayou TV series, built on his experience with producing outdoor and sports-related video over 26 years. 


Out da' Bayou Comes to the Discovery Channel

In early 2018, Out da' Bayou episodes began nationally showing on the Discovery Channel. The locally-produced series centers on Louisiana’s food, outdoor adventure and tourism. Viewers have the chance to journey into Louisiana marshes, swamps and offshore waters in search of the best food Louisiana has to offer.

The creator and producer of Out da' Bayou ... John Jackson Details about Swamp People including map of locations where the filming is done The creator and producer of Out da' Bayou ... John Jackson (courtesy of Out da' Bayou)

John's passion for Louisiana culture and creative story-telling are sure to make this yet another nationally recognized series!

Robin on Out da' Bayou

Robin Vucinovich, from Chalmette, Louisiana near New Orleans, is the show's operations manager, photographer and sometimes co-star. She is involved with on-location filming, subsequent video editing and script writing.

The Stories and Locales on Out da' Bayou

Shooting locations for the show range all over Louisiana, from fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and the Chandeleur Islands, to cattle and coffee farms, from south Louisiana swamps to the state's marshes, rivers, bayous and coastal ecosystems.

John likes to tell the stories about the hard-working Louisiana people, the alligator hunters, fishermen and shrimpers harvesting the state's natural bounty. Jackson says he tries to teach and educate, and many of the episodes spotlight people who still make a living on what nature provides.

The crew of Out da' Bayou ... John Jackson (R) and Robin Vucinovich (L) Details about Swamp People including map of locations where the filming is done The crew of Out da' Bayou on location ... John Jackson (R) and Robin Vucinovich (L) (courtesy of Out da' Bayou)

Most of those stories revolve in some way around the Bayou State's rich culture of living off the water and cooking creative cuisine that only Louisiana-born natives know how to flavor.

The show showcases the taste of real families and generations who still carve a life from the bayous of Louisiana.

Many of the episodes will also feature cooking segments, such as an incredible swordfish recipe cooked at the Louisiana Culinary Institute.

Besides his involvement in TV production, John's company also uses state of the art videography to produce commercials, videos and various professional photo shoots for many Louisiana-based companies.

More Information About Out da' Bayou

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The Movie & Film Industry Comes to Louisiana

Louisiana is a popular setting for the movie industry, and several hit reality and food TV shows on the History Channel, Discovery Channel, A&E, Food Network, and other cable networks.

The Bayou State has become an exciting location featuring a diversity of towns and subjects for television for three main reasons: 1) tax credits and incentives, 2) mild year-round weather, and 3) interesting, likable, real-world characters.

According to a report prepared by the Louisiana Office of Entertainment Industry Development, Louisiana is ranked third in film and television production nationwide behind only California and New York.

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