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Swamp Pawn TV series on CMT

CMT is launching a new show in January of 2013, called "Swamp Pawn".

The TV series is set in the small community of Bayou Pigeon, Louisiana, near Pierre Part on the edge of the Atchafalaya Swamp.

It features an array of quirky locals who rely on their ability to sell whatever will catch a price. This close-knit community lives off the land, learns to be resourceful when times are lean and depends on each other to get by.

Rick Phillips is the owner of Phillips Swamp Seafood, which buys and sells anything the bayou serves up -- including alligators, turtles, bullfrogs, crawfish, and everything in between.

Phillips and a colorful cast of neighboring "swampers" make their living fishing, hunting and haggling in this tiny, self-sustaining community deep in the heart of the bayou.

Louisiana ... A Popular Destination for Reality TV

Louisiana is a popular setting for the movie industry, and several hit reality TV shows on the History Channel, Discovery Channel, A&E, CMT, and other cable networks.

Louisiana State Capitol in Baton RougeLouisiana State Capitol in Baton Rouge

The state has become an exciting location featuring a diversity of towns and subjects for reality television for three main reasons: 1) tax credits and incentives, 2) mild year-round weather, and 3) interesting, likable, real-world characters.

According to a report prepared by the Louisiana Office of Entertainment Industry Development, Louisiana has had five consecutive years of economic growth in the film and music industry.

The report also recognizes Louisiana as ranked third in film and television production nationwide behind only California and New York.

Popular Today in Louisiana

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