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St. Martinville Louisiana Travel, Tourist Information, Hotels, Things to Do

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Acadian House Museum, Longfellow-Evangeline State Park, St. Martinville, Louisiana
Acadian House Museum, Longfellow-Evangeline State Park

St. Martinville is located in extreme south Louisiana, in the heart of Cajun Country and Acadiana, and situated roughly between New Iberia and Lafayette. It is the parish seat of St. Martin Parish and has a population of about 7,000 residents.

It is located on the banks of the historic Bayou Teche, and the home of Longfellow-Evangeline State Park. In St. Martinville is the Evangeline Oak made famous in Longfellow's poem.


Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's 1847 epic poem Evangeline made people around the world more aware of the 1755 expulsion of the Acadians from Nova Scotia and their subsequent arrival in Louisiana.

The Acadiana region of French Louisiana ... culture, cities, towns, food, attractions and more ... visit Acadiana now!

Before Europeans and Africans settled along Bayou Teche in present-day St. Martinville, Native Americans had long hunted in this area, including the Attakapas and the Chitimacha.

Long before roads, Bayou Teche was a 100 mile long highway, and later was an important factor in the development of St. Martinville. In the mid-1750s, Louisiana's French rulers made land available in the Attakapas District for the raising of cattle to supply meat for New Orleans.

Area Attractions

St. Martinville is also the home to the Acadian Memorial, and the historic St. Martin de Tours Catholic Church.

The St. Martinville Historic District is on the National Register of Historic Places.

And a top attraction for visitors is the Longfellow-Evangeline State Park, and the historic Evangeline Oak.

Cypremort Point State Park, located to the south of St. Martinville, is a favorite spot for birding enthusiasts and eco-tourists.

This 185-acre park offers access to the Gulf of Mexico, along with a man-made beach, fishing, sailing, windsurfing, and other water sports.

Nearby Towns Around St. Martinville

Nearby towns include Breaux Bridge, Henderson, New Iberia, Butte La Rose, Cade, Delcambre, Delacroix, and Loreauville, as shown on the map below.

Map of St. Martinville Louisiana

Images of St. Martinville

Shown below are scenes from St. Martinville as seen in historic postcards from the Louisiana Destinations Collection.

U.S. Post Office

St. Martinville, Louisiana

U.S. Post Office St. Martinville, Louisiana

Historic St. Martin de Tours Catholic Church

St. Martinville, Louisiana

Historic St. Martin de Tours Catholic Church , Saint Martinville Louisiana

Evangeline Oak

St. Martinville, Louisiana

Evangeline Oak, on the banks of the bayou, in St. Martinville LA

Longfellow-Evangeline State Park and St. Martinville, LA

Mini color postcard collection

(See excerpts below)

Longfellow-Evangeline State Park and St. Martinville, LA

Evangeline Monument

St. Martinville, Louisiana

Posed by Dolores del Rio, the actress who played Evangeline in the motion picture. The statue marks the grave of Emmeline Labiche who tradition claims was the prototpe of Longfellow's heroine.


Evangeline Monument, St. Martinville

St. Martin Church

St. Martinville, Louisiana

The church was erected in 1765. Here was not only a spirtual shelter, but a retreat from actual danger from Indians who roamed the woods and marshes. At the side of the church is the Evangeline Monument, marking the grave of Emmeline Labiche.

St. Martin Church in Saint Martinville

Acadian House Museum, Longfellow-Evangeline State Park

St. Martinville, Louisiana

This delightful old home contains many priceless items of great antiquity. Like most residences of the period, the house was erected without nails. Its hand-hewn cypress timbers are fastened throughout with wooden pegs.

Acadian House Museum, Longfellow-Evangeline State Park in Louisiana

The Evangeline Oak

St. Martinville, Louisiana

Here tradition says Evangeline met her Gabriel, after years of searching to find the lover from whom she was separated when the Acadians were driven from their home and farms in Nova Scotia.

The Evangeline Oak

Bayou Teche

St. Martinville, Louisiana

The word "Teche" means snake in American Indian language. This beautiful bayou winds through the heart of St. Martinville.

Bayou Teche photo in Louisiana's Acadiana region ... photos, crawfish season, Cajun foods, ordering and much more! ... click to visit now

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